Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics

At Artelia, we act in ways which enhance the positive and minimise the negative social, economic and environmental impacts of what we do. We have made a commitment to ethical behaviour in conducting our business and respecting fundamental principles with regards to our stakeholders, including clients, partners, contractors, competitors and public bodies. To support our employees in carrying out their duties in this way we have produced a Code of Ethics that defines the principles of ethical behaviour we expect.

Our values:

Our People

We are committed to enabling everyone to reach their full potential in an environment of mutual respect they enjoy and take pride in.

Our Marketplace

We build positive relationships with our clients, suppliers and other consultants who share and support our core values.

Our Environment

We act sustainably for both ourselves and our clients. We have recognised accreditation and processes in place to manage energy, waste, travel, sustainable procurement and ICT.

Our Community

We are a proactive member of our local communities through fundraising, donations and volunteering. In support of this, everyone is granted an additional 2 days annual leave so they can contribute to their local community.

How can we Help?

Safety, Health, Environment & Quality Champion

Paul Burrows


T: +44 20 8237 1800