ANG Artelia Group announces launch of new approach for large buildings insurance claims

ANG Artelia Group announces launch of new approach for large buildings insurance claims

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ANG Artelia Group, has announced the launch of a new approach to building reinstatement following major damage.

ANG360 distils more than thirty years of cost consultancy, management contracting and insurance claims expertise as part of a simple and straightforward process, which is transparent to both insurer and client during a major loss.

The approach, which has been specifically designed for the insurance market, allows disaster recovery work to commence in parallel with design development, local authority collaboration and procurement of works contractors, to reduce contract duration, cost, and improve the speed of settlement.

ANG360 recognises new challenges for the industry posed by the coronavirus pandemic, by offering clients remote monitoring of projects in real time, including shared documentation, data analysis and 360 degree footage and video tours.

The approach aims to support business continuity and reduce the cost of insurance claims, saving as much as 12 months of delivery time on a typical reinstatement project of between £2 million and £5 million in value.

ANG delivers management contracting projects of up to £20 million, and has worked on complex heritage sites including the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, the Houses of Parliament and a range of important commercial buildings.

ANG was aquired by Artelia last year, strengthened our position in the UK insurance property claims market. The combined business employs 140 people in its London and Birmingham offices.

Gary Newport, Director of ANG Artelia Group, explained that the aim of ANG360 is to deliver exceptional service, transparent cost management and dynamic delivery with every claim.

He said: “We have taken time to examine the process for larger property claims before introducing a new approach to the market. We believe that by using a ‘parallel programme’ platform, ANG360 will ensure that each stage of the work undertaken during property reinstatement will commence in parallel with the procurement of appropriate professional services. This will reduce time and cost whilst improving communication for both insurer and insured, which is a significant step forward in claims management.”