April Artelia Group Newsletter

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Read the latest issue of News Artelia, showcasing news from across the whole Artelia group.

On 13 March, a cyclone of unprecedented strength devastated entire villages in the Vanuatu archipelago. A state of emergency was declared and a call put out for international aid. Vanuatu’s president, Baldwin Lonsdale, immediately pointed to climate change as the main cause for the catastrophe. Undoubtedly the experts are only just beginning to argue about this!

Next December, France will be hosting the 21st world conference on climate change (COP21). It is now imperative for all stakeholders to begin taking action to implement rapid, concrete solutions to keep the foreseeable increase in temperature to less than 2°C. This is no longer a new challenge, but a matter of urgency.

The Artelia Group has been concerned with the issue of climate change for many years, in fields as varied as building construction, water, energy, transportation and more generally urban development, with the aim of helping regional authorities and various sectors of the economy to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and thereby attenuate the effects of climate change. But a further aim has been to help them evaluate their vulnerability to climate change and define adaptation strategies.

Given the importance of this subject and the urgent need to take action, we have decided to present some of the Group’s flagship projects in this issue of Artelia News, to illustrate our deep involvement in the question of climate change and our ability to provide innovative solutions that are adapted to the specific challenges facing our many clients.

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