Artelia has acquired a majority stake in Principia, consolidating its position as a world leader in maritime, port and offshore engineering

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Artelia is delighted to announce that it has become a majority shareholder in the engineering company Principia, specialising in consulting engineering for marine activities in the offshore, nuclear, and naval and civil defence sectors.

In acquiring 66% of the company’s shares, Artelia demonstrates its intention:

  • to develop its offshore activities (Oil & Gas and wind power) by joining forces with shareholder NPCC (National Petroleum Construction Company) based in the United Arab Emirates, whose holding remains unchanged at 33%;
  • to reinforce its naval defence activities, including alongside Naval Group which has historically been a shareholder of Principia and remains a strategic partner for the future.

As one of the ten leading maritime engineering companies on the international scene and a leading European player in the building, infrastructure and industry sectors, the Artelia Group is thus extending its expertise in the maritime engineering sector into offshore engineering and floating structures, adding to its long-standing activities in port and coastal engineering. Driven by strong synergies, this strategic merger will meet the pressing industry expectations in terms of marine renewable energy development.

Uniting to serve the strategic interests of large industrial groups

Having been partners for more than ten years to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of their major industrial clients, Principia and Artelia share strong complementary capabilities in terms of activity sectors, expertise, and geographical locations.

With 100 employees, Principia is one of the few engineering consultancies to have cutting-edge skills in the modelling, design and sizing of fixed and floating structures. Complementing Artelia’s skills in numerical and physical modelling, this specific expertise has allowed it to build a strong reputation amongst leading industrial players in the oil, gas, nuclear and renewable energy sectors and in naval engineering.

Principia regularly carries out research and innovation activities for its main industrial clients, by designing solutions that will increase their economic and technological competitiveness. Based in La Ciotat and Nantes, both in France, Principia also has subsidiaries in Malaysia and in Australia.