Artelia’s commitment day reinforces CSR

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Commitment day

Today is the annual Artelia Group Commitment Day, which aims to reinforce our corporate, social and environmental responsibility within the business. It provides an opportunity to reflect on our business lines and values and to work together to identify and share measures that we can implement in our everyday professional lives. Business activity or profitability do not always measure growth, but our ability to develop our personal skills and performance level.

Heart of the City

A perfect example from the UK business is that we are part of the “Heart of the City” apprentice scheme. This scheme aims to give young adults that are far from the labour market a step up in life and provide them the experience of a workplace environment to learn new skills. Recently we held a recruitment day for potential apprentices, and we’re pleased to announce that Rebecca Mwogeziare will be joining us at the start of December. We look forward to welcoming her and making a positive impact to Artelia.

We have also created the Artelia Women’s Network. The network was established by a group of Artelia employees who are passionate about ensuring equal opportunities in the project management and construction sector. The key aims are to demonstrate equal opportunities within the business, ensure diverse talent is being attracted to Artelia and the promotion of a healthy work-life balance for everyone. The network will be visiting local schools as part of the Inspire Women campaign to encourage girls to consider our industry as a career.