University of Reading launches Cine Valley with Artelia in the programme management seat

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Cine Valley launch

With a cast of fifty famous movie characters, our client, the University of Reading, has just launched ‘Cine Valley’ as the next stage of its development strategy for the University-owned Thames Valley Science Park (TVSP).

The University’s aim is for Cine Valley, to become a new film and TV production hub for the UK, supporting academic excellence by attracting a wide range of creative industries, providing a range of work placements and new jobs and helping the British TV and film sectors to expand and diversify its talent pool.
Julian Hunt has been working on TVSP projects since the beginning of 2020, including managing the preparation of two planning applications for the Gateway 2 TV Studios, managing the 1st and 2nd phases of the Innovation Valley’s feasibility studies and most recently as the project delivery interface with Shinfield Studios which is just completing a four-stage film studio at TVSP.

Earlier in the summer, Artelia secured a significant commission to work alongside UoR’s Programme Delivery Lead to set up and run a programme management office for TVSP’s future development. We look forward to seeing this blockbuster programme unfold!