Double Delight in Constructing Excellence Awards Shortlisting

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Artelia have been short-listed in two categories for the Constructing Excellence London & South East Awards. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony on the 2nd July in London.

Project of the Year: Phase 1 Restoration of Bletchley Park

Health and Safety: Shell Downstream Retail Capex Investment Programme


Below is a brief description of the successful projects.

Bletchley Park


Bletchley Park is one of the most significant historical sites of the 20th century, where thousands of men and women worked during WWII, and is now a popular museum and attraction with c.195000 visitors for 2014. The wartime mission of Bletchley Park focused on highly complex work of decoding, analysing and disseminating information regarding enemy signals. The work of the Codebreakers is said to have helped shorten the war by two years saving countless military and civilian lives.

Our project aimed to tell Bletchley Park’s amazing story by creating a new, world-class heritage site that would enable visitors to step back in time and experience the sights and sounds of Bletchley Park at war. To do this, our project teams used an array of specialist conservation and restoration techniques to repair a range of war time buildings, returning them to how they would have looked during wartime, along with creating a new visitor centre to cater for increased visitor numbers.

The restoration was completed in time for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings, and was opened by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge. Future generations can visit Bletchley Park to learn about and experience our proud nation’s history. We feel this makes the project worthy of this award.


Shell Downstream Retail Capex Investment Programme

The vision was to create a programme-wide culture in which all stakeholders – from front line workers to office based administration staff – actively strive to improve programme Health and Safety through their own competence and behaviour.

The Artelia managed UK Shell Downstream Retail Capex Investment Programme has several defined objectives which provide clear aims and goals for everyone to work towards, none are considered as important as the primary objective – Go for Zero.

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