‘Lead work’ added to Artelia’s skills!

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We are always keen for our people to develop new skills and take-up opportunities that will help to differentiate us from the competition. So, when Project Manager, Sophie Langridge, expressed an interest in doing a lead work course to support her understanding of re-leading the Nave roof at Canterbury Cathedral, the answer was: “GO FOR IT!”

Sophie’s course took place at the beautiful Weald and Downland Living Museum in West Sussex, which runs a wide range of conservation courses. Keen to broaden her understanding of lead coding, jointing and application, Sophie covered theory in the morning and was then let loose on the ‘practical’ task, which involved practising the two lead shaping techniques that can be used to create a chimney flashing: welding, (the modern technique) and bossing, (the old-fashioned way). Bossing involves working the lead with three types of heavy, shaped sticks, whacking it, (a technical term!) and to create a right angle. According to Sophie, bossing is hard work and wasn’t helped by being watched by museum visitors who were keen to tell her how she could be doing it better! Thankfully, her welding was spot-on. So, if anyone needs a lead welder…

We look forward to hearing more from Sophie as work to the Cathedral’s Nave roof progresses.