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Cobham Services Hydrogen

At the forefront of low carbon fuel sources

The installation of Shell UK’s first fully branded public Hydrogen Refuelling Station at the M25 Cobham Services – one of the country’s busiest refuelling stops – was extremely high profile, high risk and challenging.

As Shell’s client representative, we oversaw the smooth delivery of the new hydrogen solution by ITM Power, focusing on the client’s key concerns – safety, minimising impact to the forecourt and maintaining Shell’s reputation with motorway services operator, Extra and the Highways Agency by keeping the forecourt and access roads open throughout. Our speed to market, ensured Shell would be the first fuel retailer with hydrogen infrastructure. A further hydrogen station has been installed at Shell Beaconsfield on the M40, which is the first ‘under canopy’ installation in the UK.

Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles convert hydrogen into electricity to power the engine and produce only heat and water when driven. They can travel up to 700 kilometres on a single tank and can be refuelled in a few minutes.


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