PROJECT - Insurance Reinstatement

Return to worship following insurance reinstatement of listed 12th century church following fire and water damage

Return to worship following restoration of listed 12th century church following fire and water damage

ANG Artelia acted as Management Contractor and Cost Consultant for the reinstatement of the ancient 12th century Warwickshire, All Saints Church, following fire and flood which caused part of the roof to fall in destroying the kitchen, a priceless 15th century bible, and the Victorian organ.  There was extensive smoke damage also which made the whole building unusable.

The church, a popular venue for classical music concerts, had only recently undergone a £150,000 tower restoration before the incident happened on the south side of the church.

Going further

With the last part of the restoration (installation of a replacement, restored historic pipe organ) just completed, lead was stolen on two separate occasions from the roof immediately above the organ causing extensive damage resulting in the organ being rendered unusable.

ANG Artelia continued to support the restoration through this second phase, including repairs to the damaged organ, following donations from the local community.

The pain staking restoration work has restored both church and organ to their former glory enabling the church to resume its function as a place of worship and other activities including a series of classical concerts.


The project and the efforts of church warden, Brian Cooke, were nominated at the annual English Heritage Angel Awards, founded by Andrew Lloyd Webber and supported by The Telegraph.


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