PROJECT - Insurance Reinstatement

Major fire damage reinstatement of children’s nursery, Milton Keynes

Maintaining business as usual

Reinstatement of nursery building. Sessions for all children continued while the nursery was re-built.

The major fire broke out on a nearby housing estate on 19th July 2022. The dry conditions, greatly exacerbated by the heatwave that summer, meant that the fire quickly spread to the nursery. The blaze destroyed the nursery building, along with several nearby homes. Fortunately, all the children and staff escaped uninjured.

Business as usual

Four cabins, situated on the old site, served as a new home for the children and staff while the main Walnut Tree nursery was rebuilt.  The nursery team and ANG worked hard to create amazing nurturing environments where the children could learn, thrive, and have fun, fitting them out with new furniture and plenty of learning resources. Maintaining the safety of the children, staff and site visitors was paramount throughout the works and was achieved through ongoing dialogue between the ANG site team and nursery staff.


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“I would like to give my utmost thanks to my fantastic team for their hand work and everybody who was involved in getting the nursery operational.  Being close to the original site, the team and children could see our nursery being rebuilt day by day which was very exciting.”

Louise Higgins, Regional Support Manager, Grandir UK