Project Caduceus – Improving efficiency in elective care

Achieving 40% improvement in patient flows

For a long time I’ve been convinced that there was a better, more efficient way to deliver elective surgery and I’m pleased to announce that Artelia will shortly be launching Project Caduceus – a new model for elective surgery with the potential to improve patient flow rates by up to 40%.

Artelia’s HTM/HBN compliant UK Elective Surgery model is based on a concept that is fully operational at the new Tourangelle Clinic in Tours, France, designed and delivered by our international design team SANAE Artelia.

By rethinking the process of elective care with clinicians and support teams, deploying innovative design thinking and digitisation, we have brought together the operating room and care unit more closely, so the patient is, throughout their care, in close proximity to the medical team, and can be better and more efficiently managed through to discharge.

What you can expect from a Caduceus Elective Surgery Unit:

  • A repeatable and scalable design based on known configurations: standalone or attached to an existing structure.
  • Rapid deployment from business case, through design to start on site
  • Hyper-aseptic environment, enhanced clinical adjacencies and simplicity of access leading to more rapid discharge and flow improvements up to 40% (on day surgery cases)
  • Innovative multi-functional patient accommodation ‘Nests’ allowing for both pre and post procedure care or as self-contained treatment bays
  • Enhanced assistive technology to monitor the patient and inform the clinical teams for better and more timely management of care
  • Mobile applications for family members or carers to keep track of the patient’s progress and anticipated discharge time
  • A light, bright, welcoming environment that fosters the natural healing process

For a discussion about how to achieve a 40% improvement on patient flow for elective surgery for your Trust please get in touch.

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