Repainting of HMS Victory, celebrated on Trafalgar Day

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On the 210th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, the repainting of HMS Victory is drawing to a close and the following short film captures her new look with time-lapse and background interviews with the team involved and the research supporting it.

Peter Vickerstaff, Artelia’s Project Manager, said, “This is the largest conservation project HMS Victory has ever gone through and is intended to deliver the ship in a sustainable condition to allow her continued display for the next century. One part I particularly like is the gun port colour which is particularly fiery and would put the fear of god into people who saw her in battle.”

Andrew Baines, Head of Historic Ships at the National Museum of the Royal Navy and Project Director said “The really key point for us is that this is not what HMS Victory might have looked like, this is not what it would have looked like if we had done this 210 years ago, this is what it looked like, this is what Nelson saw….and when you come to visit Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard we tell you this is how something was, we want you to trust us and we want you to know that it’s right. That is the real motivation and the key decision for us in making the change.”