Royal College of Surgeons - showcasing the resilience of the construction industry during Covid

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As we emerge from the unprecedented Covid Lockdown, the Royal College of Surgeons’ Barry Building redevelopment in Lincoln’s Inn Fields exemplifies how resilient and resourceful the construction industry really can be.

In early March, as Covid restrictions tightened, our QS team worked hand in hand with project manager, Lendlease, main contractor, Wates and its supply chain, to keep the project on track. This meant finding different delivery solutions to mitigate risk and impact on programme and budget. Off-site and prefabrication have played a key role, as well as rescheduling activities to accommodate fewer workers on site. The project paused for just 48 hours during lockdown, to enable Wates to establish protocols and implement site operations to comply with Government guidelines.

The early actions that were taken and the team’s commitment and passion for the project has enabled key milestones to be achieved successfully, with full regard for worker safety and public health. The project remains on track to enable RCS teams to move into a world class facility providing the best education, examination and research resources for the nation’s surgeons.