Same Day Emergency Care Unit for Epsom Hospital

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It’s been a busy week for the Artelia team working on the Epsom Hospital Urgent & Emergency Care Programme. As well as the arrival of modular office units over the weekend, the team has just handed over a new Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) facility within the Hospital’s Emergency Department.
The SDEC facility will increase the capacity of the hospital’s Emergency Department, enabling it to provide emergency care to patients without the need for an admission to hospital, which is undoubtedly advantageous during Covid. SDECs are one way the NHS is working to provide the right care in the right place for patients and to improve flow in emergency departments.
The SDEC is one of seven complex, interrelated schemes in Epsom Hospital’s £3m Urgent & Emergency Care Programme, which are being costed, planned and managed by Artelia.
As you can imagine, delivering a series of remodelling, fit-out and extension projects in an occupied hospital environment dealing with the increased pressures of Covid is not without its complications and pressures. Some works have had to be delayed or rephased as space is required for clinical purposes, due to the surge in Covid patients.
Our team are not just providing remodelled spaces, but also fitting-out and equipping departments. With many medical equipment manufacturers based in Europe, Brexit has also had an impact on the project, with equipment delays and long lead-in times.
Well done to the team for completing over half the work in the programme and delivering this important care facility, despite the acute pressures from all sides.