Design and Construction Management

As your professional partner we take full responsibility for architects, engineers, contractors and suppliers in a seamless process that drives out inefficiencies and delivers quality.

We are used to working on demanding multi-site programmes in the hospitality and petrol retail sectors where continuous reduction in construction costs is considered a non-negotiable contract deliverable.


  • Channelling knowledge across disciplines and sectors to find faster, cheaper and better ways of delivering projects
  • Uncompromising focus on service, client objectives and partnership working
  • Agile teams for multi-site, multi-country programmes
  • A rigorous safety culture

How can we Help?

Services Lead

Mark Day


T: +44 (0) 207 269 0450


Artelia managed 30 trade contractors at Paddington Basin for St George. However, more usually, less than 10 are employed on any one project to facilitate co-ordination of trades.