Improving the student experience.

Attractive learning spaces and campus infrastructure are an integral aspect of the student experience and contribute significantly to attracting students to your University or College. We work with Estates’ teams and architects to maximise the design of new buildings and reconfigure existing buildings. Often the challenge is the provision of facilities for specialist courses build to industry standards or the realignment of aging facilities with 21st century learning requirements. We also carry out consultation exercises with faculties and schools to determine their future space requirements.


  • Masterplanning and feasibility studies
  • Accommodation scheduling based on actual space need using timetable analysis
  • Cost and project management for capital projects
  • Facilities management reviews to enhance the efficiency of the campus and reduce running and lifecycle costs

How can we Help?

Services Lead

Philip Boulcott


T: +44 (0) 207 269 0450

Did You Know?

Artelia has been working with City University for the past 10 years and has provided cost planning and management services for over 20 separate projects.