Developed in collaboration with headteachers and delivered by lead inspectors.

Described recently by one headteacher as a ‘Lifeline’, the HeadLine training programme has a proven track record of driving school improvement in over 250 primary schools across the country. Through a 7 day programme (non-consecutive days) participants hone skills in evaluation, school improvement and action planning whilst working with ‘live’ case study materials with other schools.

Course Overview

HeadLine runs over seven non-consecutive days:

DAY 1: Focus on case study school

DAY 2: Understanding your school’s performance

DAY 3: Developing self-evaluation skills

DAY 4: Tutor’s critical friend visit to school

DAY 5 & 6: Participants’ visits to partner schools

DAY 7: Report back on progress and action planning

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Philip Boulcott


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To book your training, or to speak to a school that has taken the HeadLine programme please call David Donnelly.