SETHRI-SETAE, a subsidiary of the Artelia Group, becomes SANAE

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Since 1 January 2015 SETRHI-SETAE has become SANAE. The French design company formed in 1975 specialises in the design and construction of healthcare facilities. A brand of Artelia’s Building Construction and Industrial Facilities sector they became a subsidiary of the Artelia Group in 2013.

Proud of its expertise in the design of healthcare buildings, SANAE wanted to express a clearer identity for 2015. The name SANAE is from the Latin sano, sanare (to heal or make healthy).

SANAE was the perfect choice to express the successful design groups core values:

  • commitment to the quality of patient care through functional buildings,
  • expertise in all areas of design and construction supervision: master plans, engineering and project management,
  • energetic research and development concerning tomorrow’s healthcare facilities, in step with the latest innovations.

SANAE’s teams will be drawing more than ever on the other areas of expertise found within Artelia, France’s foremost independent engineering group, to offer clients a wider range of services (complex buildings, sustainable development, BIM, etc.) and consolidate its leading position in the design of healthcare buildings.

SANAE has worked on many prestigious projects, such as the Bezannes polyclinic (480 beds and places) and the new Nouville clinic in Nouméa (280 beds). SANAE has also been chosen for major hospital merger projects in Paris and Lyon, such as the Lyon-Villeurbanne Médipôle (708 beds), the largest private healthcare facility currently being built in France.